"Une Promenade Dans Le Bayou"
The Atchafalaya Experience expeditions are designed to accommodate the photographer, birders and lovers of nature who would appreciate seeing Louisiana's answer to the Grand Canyon, "The Atchafalaya" [uh-chaf-uh-lahy-uh] . Louisiana's Atchafalaya is North America's largest river swamp and ranks among the top 10 wilderness areas in the United States. The vistas have the appearance of pristine cypress and mixed wood swamp.
On any given day, one can expect to encounter beaver, nutria, otters, mink, deer, squirrels, and other mammals, as well as up to 38 species of birds, including some which are endangered. Alligators are also seen in season, but are not fed to hold them in a given area. Besides nature, we also observe the sport and commercial fishermen.  

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Photos by:
Darlene Firmin Boucher  
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"How can I explain the wonder of the swamp if you have never been there. I highly recommend Atchafalaya Experience for your swamp tour. Coerte's vast knowledge about the animals and plant life of the Louisiana swamp is astounding." 
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