Photo Tours


Custom photo Tours

Sunrise or Sunset photo tours can be arranged for single photographers or groups. It’s recommended to limit the number of photographers in a boat to four or fewer. Larger groups may be accommodated with multiple boats.

While there are always things to photograph, Spring and late fall are popular times to schedule a photo tour. Spring is an excellent time to photograph nesting wading birds. A large wading bird rookery is one of the places that can be scheduled for a tour with nesting birds numbering in the tens of thousands. In the late fall, Cypress Tree leaves turn a bright rust color providing opportunities for stunning photographs of the trees in the waters of the Atchafalaya Basin.

Having supported photo tours for many years, Coerte and Kim know where to shoot, when to shoot, and are knowledgeable in how to position the boats for the best results.

Call ‭(337) 277-4726‬ or email for pricing and to schedule your tour.