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The Atchafalaya Experience

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A River Swamp Trip Your Whole Group Can Enjoy

If you're looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy, make your reservations for the Atchafalaya Experience. On any given day, you can spot a diverse array of mammals and wetland birds. Of course, a Louisiana swamp would not be complete without its population of alligators. This ecosystem is North America's largest river swamp and ranks among the top 10 wilderness areas in the United States. Call for more information on sunrise and sunset swamp tours for an additional fee.

• $50 per Person (Ages 13 Yrs. & Above) • $25 per Person (Ages 8 to 12 Yrs.) • 1 Child (7 Yrs. & Under) Free per Family!

Overnight Excursions Coming Soon

Keep your eye out for a new addition to our tour company. We're in the process of adding a houseboat to our fleet so that we can offer complete overnight tours of the Atchafalaya for groups of up to 4 guests. The swamp truly comes alive at night, and you'll be able to sleep the night away tucked in the comfort of the Atchafalaya river swamp. Our houseboat is 38' long and 9' wide and will include a full bath and shower and a galley. The vessel will be powered by a 150 hp outboard and can move at around 15 knots. We'll keep you comfortable with heat and air conditioning.

Eagle Alligator Chief Kim Explaining A Crayfish Trap
Osprey Flying to the Nest Beautiful Sunset Tree Silhouette
Mr. Coerte Voorhies Osprey Flying Kim Voorhies Chief Guide