"Une Promenade Dans Le Bayou"
We are a father-son team and have many years of experience within the swamp, and are knowledgeable of the fauna and flora of the Louisiana ecosystems. Since 1992, our expeditions have been featured on the Discovery Channel, BBC, French TV 1, Channel 3-Lille and Paris, France, Polish TV, Italian TV, A&E Channel, Australian TV as well as many newspaper and travel magazines. Vacations Magazine rates The Atchafalaya Experience as one of the top 10 adventures in North America! Our trips are designed to expose our guests to the wild portion of the Atchafalaya and, depending on the season and water levels, there are six separate areas which can be explored.  

Coerte A. Voorhies, Jr. is a consulting geologist (semi-retired) and has knowledge of the geology, history, geography and various ethnic cultures of South Louisiana.

Kim B. Voorhies is retired military and has hunted and fished, as well as accompanied his father throughout the marshes and swamps of South Louisiana, assimilating the experience necessary to conduct trips into this wilderness.
Guests comments
"I loved this tour! The swamp was beautiful and exciting and the guides knew so much about the wildlife and were so excited to share--it made me excited to learn and to see animals I hadn't even heard of before the tour started."
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